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How many days does it takes to visit all Disney Parks?

Added: Apr 08, 2022
Category: Theme Parks

Walt Disney World Resort is set up as a little world in Orlando, featuring four different theme parks spread out on 25,000 acres of land that spans over 43 square miles. So when you’re going to Disney World, how many days should you map out? iHome Resort has come up with these tips to you and your family to make the most of your days in Orlando and the Disney parks. Our rule of thumb is to take four days minimum, and this will allow you to dedicate at least a full day to seeing each park so that you’re not rushing or stressed out.

We think that the time you spend at Disney World should be filled with wonder and magic! You’ll put a damper on this if you’re constantly watching the clock, dreading the long lines for rides, or trying to travel long distances in short amounts of time. Even with four days, you might even find that you want to add an extra day to your Disney itinerary when you’re here.

After the pandemic period, even if you are here during the slower months, you may not be able to get last-minute tickets. So, it’s mandatory nowadays to ensure Disney park tickets and reservations for your specific stay. The last thing you want to happen is not be able to visit.

How many days at Disney World should you plan for your specific trip now that you know the minimum? Your Disney trip will have particular details that’ll affect the itinerary.

Consider these variables when you’re figuring out how many days to do Disney World:

  • Choosing the time of year that you’ll be visiting Orlando
  • The logistics of the trip (like how many travel days you will need)
  • How much you’re budgeting for the Disney vacation
  • Whether it’s a summer trip, birthday celebration, or another event
  • How many people are traveling
  • Events or special days happening at the parks
  • Once you hash out the details, you can determine the number of days you need. We highly recommend researching which parks appeal to you most and setting aside extra time for the ones that are highest on your list.

And don't forget: while Disney World is a must-do for your Orlando vacation itinerary, don’t forget to plan some time to enjoy the rest of the city! When possible, we recommend blocking out at least a week to spend in Florida to enjoy both the Disney parks and the local area.

Other top attractions nearby include Disney Springs (no park ticket is needed), Universal Orlando, Icon Park, SeaWorld Orlando, water parks, world-class golf courses, and so much more. Please get in touch with iHome Resort to plan your stay in this vibrant city!

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