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Why Select iHome Resort as your Vacation Rental Property Manager

Added: Apr 26, 2022
Category: Homeowner Tips

Are you planning on hiring a property manager for your vacation rental home, but are not sure where to begin? As iHome Resort, a qualified vacation property company should be committed to overseeing your vacation property guests' needs at all times. Ideally, the property manager you choose will attract new guests, increase quality bookings, entice more positive reviews, and make sure every finer detail of your vacation home and bookings are handled professionally.

Other than just being concerned about what is the property management fee or how long is the contract and what’s inclu...

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Mother’s Day in Orlando 2022 at Disney Springs

Added: Apr 19, 2022
Category: Things to Do

Are you spending Mother’s Day in Orlando? Here are our picks to spoil your Mom! It’s often hard enough to find that perfect gift, but it can be even more challenging if you’re away on vacation. But have no fear, we have lots of ideas to spoil this special day, we have suggestions to suit everyone!

Prepare to combine shopping, desserts and Disney. Sounds like the perfect combination for any Mom! From bangles and bags to sweet treats, there’s plenty to surprise that special lady in your life.


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Advantages of Staying at a Vacation Rental

Added: Apr 14, 2022
Category: Property Highlight

We know you have many choices when it comes to deciding where to stay for your next vacation in Orlando: from 5-star accommodations in a resort community to chain hotels and Disney resorts. But staying in a vacation home in the area beats all the other options: keep reading to learn more about some of the top reasons to consider an Orlando vacation rental for your next stay and how to save money by booking with us!

Hotels can be beautiful and offer a wide range of family-friendly activities, but the rooms often don’t have much space available. Meaning when you travel with a group of family members and f...

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How many days does it takes to visit all Disney Parks?

Added: Apr 08, 2022
Category: Theme Parks

Walt Disney World Resort is set up as a little world in Orlando, featuring four different theme parks spread out on 25,000 acres of land that spans over 43 square miles. So when you’re going to Disney World, how many days should you map out? iHome Resort has come up with these tips to you and your family to make the most of your days in Orlando and the Disney parks. Our rule of thumb is to take four days minimum, and this will allow you to dedicate at least a full day to seeing each park so that you’re not rushing or stressed out.

We think that the time you spend at Disney World should be filled with wo...

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