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Top 8 Reasons a Vacation Home is Better Than a Hotel

Added: Oct 13, 2021
Category: Travel Tips

1. Space, space and more space.
The average square footage in a hotel room is 400 square feet. This may be enough for two people, but it can be tight for larger families. On the other hand, renting a vacation home gives you an average of 2000 square feet. It’s easy to see that vacation homes are the clear winner – but as much as 5x the room!

2. Cost
One of the biggest factors that keeps people from really considering vacation homes is the cost. They assume they’re much more expensive – especially since they have so much room. However, vacation homes are almost always more affordable than hotels. What’s the average of a 1,300+ square foot condo that can sleep up to six? Just $99! Once again, these numbers vary based on location but you can rent an Orlando vacation home starting at just $99. That’s quite the deal indeed! Yes, it’s a wee bit more, but remember how much more space you’ll be getting. Factor in the cost of eating out three times a day, and a vacation home with a fully-equipped kitchen can be a significantly better value!

3. Let’s talk about Meals
Where will you spend more? Vacation homes have full kitchens, which mean you can cook all or some of your meals yourself. Obviously this will save money, but you may be surprised to crunch the numbers and see just how much you can save. Consider that vacationers spend an average of $30 per person, per day on meals. For a family of 4 that’s $120. For a week’s stay that’s almost $1,000! Those who stay in vacation homes can stop by the local market, pick up fresh, affordable ingredients, and feed the entire family for a fraction of that price.

4. Around the clock
When you stay in a hotel, you have no choice but to conform to its schedule (meals, housekeeping…). But in a vacation home, you can get out of bed when you like, use the treadmill whenever the urge strikes or eat breakfast when it suits you!

5. Pets
While there are hotels that will accommodate your four-legged family member, it can be a chore to find one. Also, pet rooms typically cost more and are situated in the less desirable parts of the building. In some cases, the rooms themselves are not as well kept as the rest of the complex.

6. All the comforts of home
Vacation homes are just that: Homes. They usually include all the things you’d expect to find at home with amenities that can make your stay so much more comfortable – especially if you’re travelling with the family or for an extended period of time.

7. Kids
Most hotels just aren’t geared for families or groups of friends travelling together. Between the expense of eating out and having to book two (or more) rooms to accommodate everyone, you can blow most of your budget before you even get started. Fortunately, it’s easy to find vacation homes that can satisfy the needs of just about any sized group. In addition to the essentials (plenty of beds, bathrooms, and televisions), you can save a bundle by having at least some of your meals at home.

8. Privacy
For people who like having their own space, hotel rooms are only slightly more inviting than the baggage claim area at a major airport. Maids coming and going, thin walls, elevator and HVAC noise, crowded pools…

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