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Why you should choose a vacation rental for your family on your next trip

Added: Feb 10, 2022
Category: Travel Tips

Vacation rentals are a good option for families traveling as they offer a change of scenery and you can find locations that are off the beaten path. If you haven’t stayed in a short term rental, here are some of the reasons for renting a vacation home with us:

1. Vacation rentals can save money
A private home or apartment can be cheaper than a hotel. Some vacation home sites require an additional cleaning fee, so be sure to include this when calculating your rate.

2. Vacation homes have amenities not available at hotels
Many rentals often include Wi fi, DVD players, games, books, outdoor toys and games, and sometimes computers. Some might even include extra amenities such as access to a local country club or kayaks/canoes available for use. Obviously this is more than you would have in the majority of hotel rooms. 

3. Vacation rentals offer extra space
There are many reasons to stay in a vacation home, but one the favorites is the additional amount of space for families to spread out. Vacation rentals comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose the fit that is right for you. Some home rentals outside a city may include a yard or swimming pool.

4. The ability to do laundry
So maybe this isn’t for everyone, but having laundry facilities on vacation means you can pack fewer clothes and luggage will weigh less.

5. A kitchen saves money
Our youngest child has a food allergy, so it’s helpful for us to have a kitchen at meal time. Also, the cost of meals on vacation goes down significantly when you’re not eating out. Many vacation rentals come equipped with dishes and basic necessities (salt, pepper, olive oil), so kitchens are set up for families to enjoy.

6. A vacation rental allows you to live like a local
Vacation homes can be located in neighborhoods, or in the country away from all the action. Just find the nearest grocery store, where locals like to eat, and how to navigate the transportation system.

7. Flexibility for guests
Be in your own schedule. No one has to leave when housekeeping comes around (you’re the housekeeper), there’s no set meal time, and some places offer flexible check in/check out.

8. Every vacation rental is unique
Each vacation rental has something unique, which makes a stay extra special in your book.

9. The location you want for less
Hotels in the same area may cost two to three times more. 

As you can see, there are many benefits of a vacation rental for families. If you haven’t tried a vacation rental for your family, try staying on one of properties on your next trip. The experience will be worth it!

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