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Why Select iHome Resort as your Vacation Rental Property Manager

Added: Apr 26, 2022
Category: Homeowner Tips

Are you planning on hiring a property manager for your vacation rental home, but are not sure where to begin? As iHome Resort, a qualified vacation property company should be committed to overseeing your vacation property guests' needs at all times. Ideally, the property manager you choose will attract new guests, increase quality bookings, entice more positive reviews, and make sure every finer detail of your vacation home and bookings are handled professionally.

Other than just being concerned about what is the property management fee or how long is the contract and what’s included, you’ll need to consider lots of different points to ensure you find a company that’s a good fit. To help you decide which property manager best suits you and your property’s needs and to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment, we have compiled some tips to help you select a vacation rental property manager:

Consider local companies that know your area and the travelers that visit

Local vacation rental specific property managers understand all local regulations relating to property management. They can help you avoid any legal troubles and save you time, money and headache. Also, a local property manager knows your real estate market and area travelers well. They know what the average rates are for the area and what the travelers are looking for in your area so your listing is optimized to attract guests. And finally, they will available when needed: what if a tenant needs urgent service for something like electrical, plumbing, or heating issue?

Avoid the cheapest property manager – you get what you pay for!

One of the biggest mistakes vacation property owners can make is deciding on a property manager based on price. Do you drive the cheapest car on the market? No, of course not! Safety and reliability for your family are paramount. When choosing a property manager for your vacation home, you need to look for a quality fit that ticks all your boxes, not a bargain basement solution. There is a reason the cheapest is the cheapest - because it’s not as good. The same goes for vacation rental property management. Your vacation home is your pride and joy. You want your property to be well managed. You would like potential travelers to be carefully screened. You want quality guests who treat your place as their own, not riff-raff who have no respect or care for your property. Maximizing your booking income should be high on your priority list, and the cheaper property managers cannot successfully achieve your goals as well as a middle-market premium quality manager can.

A property manager company should provide the services you’re looking for

A vacation rental property manager should offer unique and professional services to their vacation property homeowners. Ensuring that the services provided are a good fit for your vacation rental is essential. Some of the services that need to be decided on include:

Bookings management
Responding to inquiries
Guest screening
Home inspections
Responding to reviews

It is up to you to decide which, or all, of these services are important to you, and ensure that the property manager is dedicated to fulfilling all of these. There may be other services that you require. Make sure that you agree on all of these before committing to a manager. If you’re based in the same town as your vacation property it might be easier to keep an eye on it. However, if you are based out of town from your vacation home you might be looking for a comprehensive service for your investment.

Find a manager who can respond to traveler guest inquiries promptly

Being available to answer a traveler inquiry at any time of the day is the difference between getting a booking or not. A traveler who has a question is usually sitting down in front of their computer, ready to hit the ‘book’ button. They are keen to plan and book their next vacation at that moment. They will not wait a few hours for a reply from a tardy manager when they can contact the next rental property that is similar to your property and book with them when they get a quicker response.  Ensure that the property manager you choose is responsive and available around the clock for guest inquiries. While you aren’t expecting the property manager to be up 24/7 personally answering your inquiries, they should be forthcoming with information in a timely fashion and always provide the highest levels of customer service for each and every inquiry.

Focus on quality property management over quantity

Avoiding the biggest property management corporation can be a wise decision. Quality, not quantity is the better choice when looking for a company or individual to manage your vacation rental property. We all know what it feels like to be treated like a number on the other end of a foreign call center. If you want to get personal support for your vacation property management, you might explore some service-oriented options with a dedicated and personal property management team that is approachable and can tailor your service. Consider going with the boutique property manager (like us!) who really cares and avoid the larger property management corporations that just can’t give you the personal service you need and deserve.

You and your property deserve a lot of care and attention. Do you want to be one of the thousands of homes that large property management corporations manage? Aim for quality and you’ll get a better experience. We do the work and you get premium property management.  It's just that simple!
Sit back, relax, and let us maximize your vacation rental booking income.  Contact iHome Resort today!

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